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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

GSK:Healthcare Innovation Award 2016


GSK and Save the children announced the launch of their fourth annual $1million Healthcare Innovation Award that reward innovations in Healthcare that have helped to reduce child deaths in developing countres.

Winners of this year's will benefit from the following..

  1. A cash donation from a USD $1milion Award fund that has been made available by GSK.
  2. Promotion through public announcements and international media coverage.
  3. A Roundtable event in their local community that will convene interested and relavant stake-holders from the pulic,private and non-profit sectors to provide a support network that can help improve and grow innovations.
  4. Potential additional support may include volunteer and/or technical assistanc from GSK and Save the Children staffs and country offices.
In addition to recognising innovations that are helping to save children's lives,this year,Judges are also looking for transformative initiatives that are helping to save the lives of children in the hardest to reach the communities.

From July-early September 2015(The exact date will be released soon),organisations from across developing countries can nominate examples of innovative health aproaches they have implemented.This approaches must have resulted in tangible improvements to under-5 child survival rates,be sustainable and have the potential to be scaled-up and replicated.

                                                 ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

Nominations must:
    1. Be from a country classified as 'Low,Lower-'middle and 'Upper-middle income by the World Bank.Countries classified as 'high income' by the World Bank or that are in the European Union are not eligble.
    2.  Describe an innovative approach or process applied to under-5 child survival that can demostrate impact within an eligble country.
Further details on the judging process and criteria can be found on the application page.


Entries closes on 7th september at 11.59pm (GMT).Winners are expected to be announced in November.



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